Creating a Revolution with Acarix.

Revolutionising cardiac screening through united design, technology & business innovations.

Creating a Revolution with Acarix.

Revolutionising cardiac screening through united design, technology & business innovations.

At DEVELOPA we are thrilled to unveil the Acarix CADScor® System signifying a true breakthrough, dramatically redefining procedures for cardiac screening.

The Acarix CADScor® System allows Cardiologists and General Practitioners to screen for coronary artery disease (CAD) by attaching the advanced sensor device on the skin of patients. This reduces the need for invasive diagnostic surgery, and therefore reduces the health risk to patients. In turn, this delivers huge cost efficiencies to healthcare professionals and organisations. A true win-win!

Turbulence in the streaming blood caused by partial obstruction (stenosis) in the coronary arteries creates very weak sounds, usually described as coronary murmurs. To detect and record the coronary murmurs requires not only an advanced sensor, but also means for proper attachment to the skin above the heart, optimising the recorded signal and avoiding external noise. A specially designed adhesive patch holds the sensor to the patient for optimal recording results.

The CADScor® System has been designed as all-in-one-equipment in the sense that the heart signal will be recorded, processed and displayed as a patient specific risk (the CAD-score), on the device screen. This diagnosis is conducted in a single appointment, reaching a highly accurate and immediate result.

The need for the CADScor® System cannot be over emphasized. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is responsible for 20% of all deaths globally. The statistics become more alarming when we learn that CAD kills around 50% of western males, and as many as 39% of western women!

From DEVELOPA’s perspective, it’s a fascinating challenge to work with design forms and usability when the product type has no predecessors. The development task is one of creating a form definition, rather than one of progressed adjustment and differentiation. This dictates a form that is original and unique, while being explanatory and intuitive towards use. It must describe a new purpose while offering a sense of familiarity. It must inspire trust in gaining acceptance and signify its revolutionary advancement within medical procedures.

DEVELOPA continues collaborating closely with Acarix A/S, designing the hardware and on-screen graphic user interfaces through the progressive stages of development and testing.

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DEVELOPA roles: Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Process Facilitation & Management

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"The concept of acoustic rule-out of heart disease is radically new and needed a bold solution. DEVELOPA challenged typical blue-white medical hardware, while integrating a methodology of use in the CADScor System that transforms patient workflow. The result is very radical, appealing and convincing. Surely why the Acarix CADScor System was awarded the Danish Design Award."

Claus B.V. Christensen, COO, Acarix A/S.

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